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oops...culture confusion

Yesterday yonder softwhisper and I were bumming around this apartment, glorying in my new working Internet connection, and realising we were much, MUCH too lazy after our night of Goth-ing to go out for dinner. Too cold and too lazy. So we decided we would utilise the wonder that is the Internet to find a nice Indian restaurant to deliver yummy Indian food to us.

Did not go well. Finally we found a place that seemed vaguely promising, and this is how our conversation went.

Me: Umm, do you have vegetable pakoras?
Guy: No.
Me: Samosas?
Guy: No.
Me: What about vind---
Guy: Listen, lady. This isn't an Indian restaurant. This is a Jamaican restaurant, as in WEST Indies.


I suppose that explains how it wound up under Indian food.

If anyone on this list tends to look down on the Gothic sub-culture, you should probably reconsider, because it's actually really cool.

's all. Carry on.
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